Cubashe Dance Promotions

                                               Authentic Cuban Salsa Lessons with Leo Henriquez


Leo Henriquez

Director of Cubashe Dance Promotions & Teacher

As a street dancer and percussionist from Havana, Leo studied at Music School and then went on to play with many of Cuba’s top bands during the 80’s. 

Hence his dancing style is now heavily influenced by his musical and percussion background.

Leo established ‘Cubashe Dance Promotions’ in the UK in 2005 in order to share, promote and develop his passion for music & dance. Since that time, he has successfully organised cultural events such as, ‘Black History Month’ in 2004 and the 2007 Rueda Congress that attracted people from all over Europe. More recently, he was also involved in organising the 2013 Brighton Salsa Festival

Leo also has DVDs on sale through ‘SalsaTap’ if you want to watch and study at home to practice your technique.

Anthony Ofula
Salsa Teacher

"I started completely fresh when I came to university and let me tell you, I was hooked from the get-go. I quickly found out that I could no longer live without salsa in my life. Salsa has been a gateway for me, allowing me to fully express myself and connect with others. Nothing boosts my mood like dancing. To top it off I’m now also part of the Cubashe Team, which is a reality I never imagined happening to me, but the joy it brings me to be part of such a wonderful team and the salsa family in Brighton is incomparable. Now I can share the pleasures of Salsa with the team who have become like family and the classes I teach. Every week is an experience I would never give up!
William Field
Salsa Teacher

I've been dancing salsa since 2014. I only started salsa because some of my friends convinced me to go to a salsa lesson at the University of Sussex one evening, and ever since then I've been hooked. Funnily enough, not a single friend from that night has been back since. I managed to pick salsa up insanely quickly and after my first year, I started teaching both at Uni and at Funky Fish.  I absolutely love it. It's great to see how much your students progress, and how easy it is to socialise and make friends here. I have made a tonne of friends at Uni and Funky Fish all because of Salsa, and without the help and support of Cubashe, I don't know where I would be. I cannot imagine my life without salsa anymore.
Katarina Kroslakova
Salsa and Bachata Teacher, Official Zumba instructor

I have been dancing & learning lot of rhythms & dancing styles for 11 years. I found Zumba & Salsa 6 years ago & since then, they both have been integral part of me. Cuban Salsa with Leo and Cubashe Team has changed my life. I found there people who understand my passion to music & dance. With a bit of training, I became a one of their teacher. It's been my pleasure to be part of this team & I hope to carry on share my knowledge with patience & passion for all students, especially beginners. Dance isn't an option, Dance is who we are.

Anne-Mari Davies

Bachata & Salsa Teacher

Has been dancing since 1997 & has performed Salsa, Son, Conga, Mambo & Cha cha cha at international festivals in London & Paris. 

"I met Leo in 2004 in London and am thrilled to be helping out with the Cubashe team in Brighton. I believe the best teachers focus on body movement & technique. Cuban dance has changed my life for the better, improving my confidence and fitness, and it can do the same for you!"

Joanne Seddon

Salsa Teacher & Website Administrator 

Cubashe has been a brilliant experience for me. I have been dancing for over ten years now and I love it! The music makes you feel just like you are on holiday and it's a great way to have fun, keep fit and meet new friends you might not otherwise come into contact with. Anyone can come along, we have people of all ages and backgrounds and that's what makes it so great. Cubashe give you a truly authentic Cuban experience by teaching all sorts of Cuban dance styles not just Salsa Rueda de Casino, but also Rumba, Orishas, Son, Mambo to name just a few. We also have monthly dances and performances at Ralli Hall and then the Cuban Salsa Festival in June is a brilliant chance to meet teachers from all over Europe and learn new techniques.

When I am not dancing, I also design and maintain the Cubashe website and I have put together the Salsa Holidays packages. Salsa is a way of life! and I look forward to seeing you at Funky Fish soon.