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Cuba’s climate is moderate and stable, sub-tropical but less hot than elsewhere in the Caribbean. 

In Havana the average temperature hovers around 25° C.

Time Zone

Time difference is -5 GMT (5 hours behind UK)


The official language is Spanish, although many Cubans in the service industry do speak a little English.


110-230V, 60 Hz. American-styled flat two-pin 110V is the norm everywhere in Cuba though most hotels have 220V sockets. In any case, make sure you bring with you a world-wide adaptor and always read the instructions for your equipment before plugging in.


Cuba has two currencies. Tourists use the Cuban Convertible Peso (CUC), locals use the Cuban Peso (CUP). Exchange rate: £1 = 1.5 CUC.  The Cuban peso is not circulated outside of Cuba so we recommend taking enough cash for your entire holiday in Pounds or Euros (Approx £600) and exchanging this on arrival. Then just keep cash in your hotel safe and carry with you enough for thate day.  Cashpoints are few and far between, charge hefty fees and can be unrealiable. Bureaux de Change are readily available in the majority of hotels. Beware US dollars are still not an accepted currency and nor are credit cards drawn on American banks. Please also see Money section on the 'Need to Know' page. 

General Costs

Prices in Cuba are similar to those found in Western Europe.  So its not really cheap, but still affordable. 

  • Meal Prices: Mid-range meal costs - 20 CUC / £13
  • Cocktail Prices: 3CUC (£2) in a hotel bar or bar in Old Havana / 6CUC (£4)in Hemingway haunts.
  • Club Entry in Havana: Approx. 10-15 CUC.  We will take you to great clubs at reasonable prices.
  • Tipping: - 10 % is normal

Internet Access & Telephone

Rooms at the hotel will have an internet connection, however in Cuba the connection may be intermittent.

You can make international phone calls from your hotel room, through any International Telephone Centre or using pre-paid cards. Before using the hotel telephone to ring out of Cuba check their prices as calls can be very expensive. If using your own mobile, please check costs with your mobile provider before travelling.  NB: If you call any Cuban number from your UK mobile whilst in Cuba, it will be billed as if you were calling from the UK to Cuba.

Clothing to Bring

Bring light clothing, mainly cotton and natural fibres; flat comfortable shoes are good for walking around Havana during excursions. Don’t forget your sunglasses, a sun hat and sun cream. Locals will be glad of any old clothes you take for them or any that you leave behind as clothes are expensive in Cuba and not readily available to all.

Cuban Food

Some meals can be quite basic, consisting of rice, beans, pork, chicken and fish. However, tropical fruit and salads are widely available and the 5-star hotels will offer a selection of international dishes. A typical Cuban dish is the Ajiaco, a soup with meat and root vegetables. Vegetarians and vegans will find there is limited choice in Cuba, but there are plenty of pizzas & pasta dishes available.


As well as the usual beers and spirits, popular drinks include Daiquiris, Mojitos and 'Saoco' - a drink based on coconut water and rum and often served in the coconut itself.